Do boys ever stop peeing everwhere?

My oldest, B, potty trained at 2 during the day pretty easily, he wasn’t happy about it, but he did it. He would hide under a table and try to poop, but I usually caught him because it was just him and me most of the time. He was a night wetter until almost 4, though.

My middle son, E, didn’t potty train freely, that’s for sure. He was a little over 2 when we introduced the idea. Funny story: the only time he would poop would be when he was butt naked standing ON TOP of the toy box in their toy room watching the neighbor dog. *eye roll* Okay, not so funny. He would always disappear when I sat to nurse his brother and I would think E was finally playing quietly, hah. Joke was on me. We finally got him using the toilet around 2.5, but he peed the bed almost every night until 3.5.

My youngest, T, basically potty trained himself. At 21 months he started telling us he had to pee and would run to the potty. It’s been so glorious not trying to convince him to use the potty the last few months. AND! He rarely wets the bed at night, which is a super bonus because he’s a nudist who refuses to wear anything to bed and usually sleeps right between my husband and I. Joke’s on me, again.

We haven’t changed diapers for a few months now, but I’m pretty sure I clean up more pee recently than I EVER have before. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PEE IN THE POTTY!?!?!

Every single time I need to use the restroom, I have to wipe the toilet seat or I’m guaranteed to get a wet butt. E is probably the messiest potty-goer ever. He refuses to hold his penis, so it kind of just does it’s own thing. Pee gets everywhere. Just…everywhere. T’s prefers the downstairs toilet, which is in the laundry room. He apparently has to watch himself pee which leads to an ark of pee all over the room, including on the washer, dryer, and the walls. I can’t do laundry without stepping in a puddle or a sticky spot.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t eager to welcome warmer weather so they can pee outside. 😂They try to pee out the doors now, but it’s winter in WNY. It’s cold, which means they end up peeing on the brand new siding, brand new doors, and all over the floor trying to hurry. Uh huh, real life.

Just the other day, T came running to the kitchen to tell Ben “Uh oh! Mess!” Ben followed him to find T stood at the top of the basement steps and peed all the way down them. Yep, true story.

Have you ever seen the commercial where 2 little boys are in the bathroom and their mom walks in and asks what they’re doing and they say “Having a distance contest!” That’s how I feel.

My sister and brother-in-law brought their girls over last weekend and the first thing they did when they got here was, of course, use both the bathrooms. I raced to the bottom of the stairs when I heard them come out profusely apologizing for the fact that my boys don’t know how to use their hoses. They’re grateful they have girls. 😳

I almost feel like I should have my husband build an outhouse for the boys to use. At least the mess would stay outside then, right? When company visits, I won’t have to go scouring the bathroom high and low looking for pee. I mean, it could be super cute and their own special potty.  Like this one. We could put it by our shed, nobody would ever know.


Photo Cred: Amy Reed on Unsplash

All joking aside, help me. Is this just life with boys? Is it appropriate to wonder what the hell is running through their little heads!? Tell me this phase ends. Please. Tell me that when I have teenage boys they’ll at least wipe the seat after themselves. Pleaseeeee. 😂😳 


Transparency, this is me.

When I started my blog, I thought I had to follow some sort of rules and not show the woman/wife/mom that I really am. I showed a taste of what our life looks like, but I didn’t REALLY disclose how free-spirited, crazy, overwhelmed, disorganized, stubborn, and downright “I’m losing my mind” I am.

I fought the urge to put into words what was really on my heart all last year because, gulp, there’s a lot of vulnerability in doing so. And, double gulp, what if people actually agreed? It makes me so uncomfortable to think that people might actually confirm my thoughts and feelings. Weird, right?

But, I love writing. It’s therapeutic for me to put into words the ramblings of my brain. And full disclosure, that usually includes some vulgar words. I drop the F bomb more often than I care to admit, and my middle son’s first real sentence was “You shit head.” Mama has a potty mouth. 😉 I embrace it. Hah.

2017 was the year of learning to love myself as I am. 2018 is the year of sharing how crazy dysfunctional and imperfect my techniques for mothering and wife-ing are and how my quirks and short comings are tools for showing others they aren’t alone on their journey.

So, let me introduce myself:

23131559_10208733240042358_5405015648723982367_n (1)

My name is Dakota. I’m 25, married to my soul mate, and we have three boys ages 7, almost 4, and 2. They drive me to the brink of wondering if I’m really even sane anymore, and that includes my husband. We live in Wine Country in a town with less than 3,000 people and our home is mostly surrounded by grape vineyards. We have saints for neighbors. They haven’t yet knocked on my door wondering why they need to brush their teeth on my schedule and not their own or to tell me my kid is running around the yard naked, again.

I’m a “semi-crunchy” mom and a huge advocate of natural living, home remedies, and essential oils, but I draw the line at raising humans. If my boys have their way, we’ll have our own hobby farm one day to harvest our own eggs, meat, veggies, and fruits from, but for now we utilize our parents and local farmers. 😉 My favorite night out includes the hunk I call Ben, our favorite bar, hot wings with blue cheese dressing, and endless pints of Yuengling. With or without kids, but if kids are in tow, the beer is no longer endless. 😉

I thrive on a schedule, but rarely make one for myself. We struggle with infertility and even with 3 boys, it kills me seeing a – on monthly pregnancy tests. I’m an amateur photographer, heavy emphasis on amateur, but I rarely reach for my camera and usually snap pics with a phone. I have a yellow/blue personality and deal with anxiety on the daily. I hate working out, but recently found squats are my jam. I hate cooking real food, but love baking all the treats and cleaning in my house is totally not the same definition as cleaning in my mom’s house growing up. We added on a 1200+ square foot addition last May and I still refuse to host family gatherings in our home.

And I am learning to be okay with the fact that I have little control over the tiny tyrants that love me unconditionally and that they will grow to be the humans that they are meant to be even if that means sarcastic is a trait they always carry. Here’s to breaking the false identities wives and moms feel they need to showcase, revamping the normal that is expected within motherhood and embracing the wild that is our lives! Hollaaaaaa.

My hopes for you, sweet child of mine.

In your newborn days, my only hope for you was that you would grow to be happy and healthy. And while I still very much hope health and happiness will be at the forefront of your life as your grow and mature, my hope for you has evolved into so much more.

Sure, I have some petty, selfish hopes for you. That you will never move more than a day’s drive from me. Or that you will choose to fill me in on all of the things happening around you. But my greatest hope for you, my love, lies so much deeper than the material things.

I hope you greet those you meet with confidence in your eyes, a warm smile and a firm hand shake.

I hope you are kind, understanding, and compassionate in every circumstance you face.

I hope you choose to be a friend that others want to be around and you help a classmate pick up their books after they trip on a flight of stairs.

I hope you choose to lend a shoulder and an ear to those who need you. That you choose to support others along their journey and not cut them down for their misfortunes.

I hope you never underestimate the power behind listening more than you speak.

I hope you choose to forgive. Not every interaction you have will go the way you think it should, but I hope you choose to understand where the other person is coming from. There will be people that do you wrong, and it’s okay to be angry, but understand that’s part of the journey that will define who you are. You can choose to be angry and hard, or you can choose to be warm and forgiving. I hope that you always, always choose the latter.

I hope you never fall victim to the comparison game. Your journey is yours, and yours alone. The pace at which you travel is for you to decide, no one else.

I hope you choose to serve others with no expectation of anything in return, and that you find joy in giving your last $5 to somebody in greater need.

I hope you fall in love with somebody who sets your soul on fire and makes your heart sing at the mere thought of them. And I hope you always choose to show that love irrevocably and unequivocally. There is no greater gift than to love and be loved harmoniously.

I hope you grant yourself some grace and you see your weaknesses, imperfections, and insecurities as tools to help you better yourself.

I hope that you set your goals high and chase after your dreams like there’s no inkling of fear holding you back.

I hope you always stay true to who you are and you never waiver from your heart’s desires. Don’t deny the world of all the beauty and brilliance you have to offer.

I hope you know your worth and aren’t afraid to admit when enough is enough.

I hope you recognize when it’s time to slow down, go back to the basics, and enjoy the sun shining on your face.

I hope you choose to be humble. There is no shame in a job well done and you should be proud when you excel and achieve great things, but I hope you do it in such a way that you are grateful for the journey and the hardships you encountered as you found your way. I hope you choose to lead a life that you are proud to tell others of and others are inspired by.

And above all, I hope you never doubt my love for you, the sincerity of my words to you or the faith I have in your ability to accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. You will move mountains. You will cross oceans. You will do things I shake my head at, but I hope you know that I will always be in your corner of this world. Watching you grow and become the person you are destined to be is the greatest gift I will ever receive. And I hope you never, ever question that, sweet child of mine.

Wellness – because you’re worth it.

Wellness is the word of the day in my house lately. How can I support my family’s wellness, ESPECIALLY this time of year with school and cold weather season in full swing? Oils.

Begin your wellness journey with the Premium Starter Kit featuring the Premium Essential Oils Collection between today and Halloween (no tricks, just treats!) and I’ll send you an *additional* three FREE oils! Christmas Spirit, Lime Vitality, and Citrus Fresh Vitality are 3 of my favorite oils outside of the starter kit oils and they are ahh-mazing for this time of year!  

💜 The Premium Starter Kit with the Premium Oils Collection contains 11 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils along with a diffuser to help purify your home.

🌱 Frankincense: Skin Health and Spiritual Grounding – smooth and maintain the look of healthy skin, refine your sense of purpose, and create a relaxed, comforting environment. Highly versatile.

🌱 Lavender: Skin Health and Balancing – Versatility makes this oil a must have for every home! Ease skin irritations, create a calm, relaxing environment.

🌱 Lemon Vtality: Add a bright, fresh, dynamic flavor to all of your sweet and savory dishes! Rich in levels of the antioxidant D-Limonene. Oral health.

🌱 Purification: Ditch harsh chemical-based sprays! – Freshen the air and eliminate odors. Add to skin care products to moisturize skin and promote healthy skin appearance or to epsom salts and enjoy a foot soak. Apply before going outdoors for an annoyance free experience.

🌱 Copaiba Vitality: Promote overall wellness. Oral health. High levels of beta-caryophyllene.

🌱 Peppermint Vitality: Intestinal Function, Gastrointestinal Comfort and Digestive Support – Supports digestive efficiency and healthy gut function. Add to pre-workout drink for an energizing start and to support exercise performance.

🌱 RC: Contains three species of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is well known for respiratory support. Apply before exercise – RC’s energetic aroma will help you feel motivated! Use in an after workout massage.

🌱 Digize Vitality: “Big Guns” of Digestive System Support –
Support healthy digestion. Promotes overall wellness. (Serotonin is produced in the gut! Which means when digestion is off, so is emotional health!)

🌱 Thieves Vitality: Immune System and Respiratory System Support – Balance overall wellness. Oral health.

🌱 Panaway: Cooling sensation when applied to the skin. –
Soothe tired muscles and joints. Use in a muscle rub.

🌱 Stress Away: Emotional Health – Soothing, calming, refreshing, relaxing aroma helps put stress at rest in a fast-paced world.


65 uses for PSK.jpg

You’ll get me as your biggest supporter (and thousands of other oilers as a support system!) to empower you to use your oils to their fullest potential safely and effectively.

The diffuser plus the 14 essential oils have a value of well beyond $340. You get it ALL (plus some! Visit my home page to see what other fun benefits your earn!) for $160!!(Yeah, I’m that wife and mom. I love numbers. I crunch them all.the.time. These oils are so worth it at retail cost, but this !!!)

To purchase your Premium Starter Kit:


👉Select Member

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👉Choose your Diffuser Kit featuring the Premium Essential Oils Collection. (I highly recommend the Dewdrop Diffuser*!)

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Your kit along with the 3 FREE essential oils – Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh Vitality and Lime Vitality will be shipped directly to your home within 5-10 business days. 🎉💜 *Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh Vitality, and Lime Vitality freebies exclusively through me, Dakota Burgess.

To learn more about the Premium Starter Kit featuring the Premium Essential Oils Collection and Dewdrop Diffuser, watch this quick 7 minute video:

If you’re skeptical, send me a message.  I’d be happy to tell you all about how I’d lost hope on everything, the nitty gritty of our wellness journey and how this kit changed everything for my family. These oils rock, y’all. If I had known then what I know now, I’d have made this investment years ago.

Choose wellness. You’re worth it.


Should you fear the cleaners in your home?

I’ve made it my mission to make people aware of the toxins surrounding us. What they choose to do with that information is entirely their choice! But – are you aware of the toxins lurking in your home?

What’s your favorite cleaner? Below is a list of the cleaners I used to keep on hand in my home. I’m a bit mortified at the information I found on the Environmental Working Group website.

Pine Sol –

Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula-

Murphy Oil Soap All Purpose Cleaner –

Clorox Bleach –

Windex –

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes –

Comet Powder –

Kaboom Toilet Cleaner –

All of the above listed cleaners are linked to a health concern of some kind. Endocrine (hormone) disruptions, reproductive disruptions, respiratory disruptions, cancer, etc.

Most, if not all, of the above listed cleaners have poor ingredient disclosures. It is not mandated that every ingredient be listed on the label in the cleaning product industry. What in the world? The ingredients that *are* listed in these products are scary enough. I don’t even want to begin to imagine the level of unknown we’re dealing with for the ingredients that aren’t listed.

Guys, there’s over 100,000 chemicals on the market today. Only approximately 15% have been tested and have health and safety data available for them. That means there’s roughly 85,000 chemicals being used that we as consumers have NO idea the consequences of being exposed to.

According to the American Cancer Society, at best 10% of cancer is genetic. That means 90% of gene mutations that lead to cancer are caused by environmental factors. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. The number of new cancer cases is expected to rise by 70% over the next two decades.

Those statistics are terrifying. I’m afraid for the generations to come if there is no change. You can exercise and eat right all day long, but these chemicals still exist if you don’t eliminate the products that contain them. Can you control the environment outside of your home? I doubt it. But you *CAN* control the environment inside your home. You can be the gatekeeper. You are the only person that can make that decision.

I’m not saying your’re not going to get cancer if you quit using these chemical-laden products. I’m not saying you will get cancer if you use these chemical-laden products. (You bet there’s more than just cleaners at play here! We’re going to cover those, too. But for the sake of not writing a novel on one blog post, this one is exclusive to cleaners.)

But if you could make the decision to be the gatekeeper to your home, would you? If you could begin eliminating products from your home that we already know do harm, would you?

Thieves Household Cleaner hands down gets my vote. Every single day. Not only do I know what ingredients are being used, because Young Living feels very strongly about transparency and letting the consumer know what they’re *really* getting, the price on it is a fraction of other organic, “clean” cleaners. The price point alone is worth it, AND it is multi-purpose. No other cleaner needs to lurk in household cupboards anymore.

I’ll break down the cost comparison for you real quick. I am a wholesale member.

  • Wholesale price of Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 ounce bottle: $22
  • Dilution ratio per Young Living : One part cleaner to 30 parts water
  • Spray bottles of cleaner utilized from one bottle of concentrated cleaner : 14
  • $22 divided by 14 = $1.57 per 30 ounce spray bottle

I’m not here to tell you this is the only option on the market to reduce chemical exposure, but it is by far the best cleaner I have found. No more worrying if one of my boys squirts the bottle right in his brothers face or right in his mouth. Because yes, that has happened. No, I don’t encourage it. But in this house, surviving motherhood means not hovering over every little thing they do. (They’d still do it anyway.)

Only you can decide what’s best for your family. You have an intuition. For my family, I am *so* thankful to have found something that’s affordable AND 100% plant derived.

Be an advocate for your family. You won’t regret it. I promise.

*Visit my home page or message me to learn how to get wholesale pricing for your family.


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