My hopes for you, sweet child of mine.

In your newborn days, my only hope for you was that you would grow to be happy and healthy. And while I still very much hope health and happiness will be at the forefront of your life as your grow and mature, my hope for you has evolved into so much more.

Sure, I have some petty, selfish hopes for you. That you will never move more than a day’s drive from me. Or that you will choose to fill me in on all of the things happening around you. But my greatest hope for you, my love, lies so much deeper than the material things.

I hope you greet those you meet with confidence in your eyes, a warm smile and a firm hand shake.

I hope you are kind, understanding, and compassionate in every circumstance you face.

I hope you choose to be a friend that others want to be around and you help a classmate pick up their books after they trip on a flight of stairs.

I hope you choose to lend a shoulder and an ear to those who need you. That you choose to support others along their journey and not cut them down for their misfortunes.

I hope you never underestimate the power behind listening more than you speak.

I hope you choose to forgive. Not every interaction you have will go the way you think it should, but I hope you choose to understand where the other person is coming from. There will be people that do you wrong, and it’s okay to be angry, but understand that’s part of the journey that will define who you are. You can choose to be angry and hard, or you can choose to be warm and forgiving. I hope that you always, always choose the latter.

I hope you never fall victim to the comparison game. Your journey is yours, and yours alone. The pace at which you travel is for you to decide, no one else.

I hope you choose to serve others with no expectation of anything in return, and that you find joy in giving your last $5 to somebody in greater need.

I hope you fall in love with somebody who sets your soul on fire and makes your heart sing at the mere thought of them. And I hope you always choose to show that love irrevocably and unequivocally. There is no greater gift than to love and be loved harmoniously.

I hope you grant yourself some grace and you see your weaknesses, imperfections, and insecurities as tools to help you better yourself.

I hope that you set your goals high and chase after your dreams like there’s no inkling of fear holding you back.

I hope you always stay true to who you are and you never waiver from your heart’s desires. Don’t deny the world of all the beauty and brilliance you have to offer.

I hope you know your worth and aren’t afraid to admit when enough is enough.

I hope you recognize when it’s time to slow down, go back to the basics, and enjoy the sun shining on your face.

I hope you choose to be humble. There is no shame in a job well done and you should be proud when you excel and achieve great things, but I hope you do it in such a way that you are grateful for the journey and the hardships you encountered as you found your way. I hope you choose to lead a life that you are proud to tell others of and others are inspired by.

And above all, I hope you never doubt my love for you, the sincerity of my words to you or the faith I have in your ability to accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. You will move mountains. You will cross oceans. You will do things I shake my head at, but I hope you know that I will always be in your corner of this world. Watching you grow and become the person you are destined to be is the greatest gift I will ever receive. And I hope you never, ever question that, sweet child of mine.


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