20% off the best essential oils on the planet!? YES PLEASE!

In my time with Young Living, I have *never* seen a 20% off sale and today through Thursday the 26th at midnight you can get EIGHT of them 20% off! You can get ALL of these oils for less than $30 right now! If you’ve been on the fence about essential oils, or are wondering if Young Living is *really* different from other oil companies, now is the perfect time to give these oils a try! So, what’s on sale and what does it offer you!?
20% off sale!.jpg
Eucalyptus Radiata – Eucalyptus is well-known for respiratory health. Eucalyptus Radiata is a key ingredient in Young Living’s “Breathe Again – Roll On” oil. $14.80 Wholesale. $19.47 Retail.
Thieves – Proprietary to Young Living. You can’t get this oil anywhere else! It’s a blend of Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, and Rosemary. Think winter wellness. Think boosting your body’s natural response to invaders. (Remember what I said Eucalyptus Radiata was good for?) I use this one on my kids before we leave the house for school every morning. $27 Wholesale. $35.53 Retail.
Lavender – The aroma of Lavender is well-known for creating a relaxing, restful environment. We use Lavender every single night in my house for my kid’s (and mine and my husband’s!) bedtime routines. Lavender was the oil that made me a believer in essential oils. If you get overwhelmed with life, try Lavender. *wink wink* $18.80 Wholesale. $24.74 Retail.
Peppermint – Mmmm, Peppermint. Wonderful in an after exercise muscle rub. I love this one as a mid-afternoon “Pick-me-up”. The scent is so energizing and invigorating to the mind and senses. We also love to use this one on our bellies or chests if we’ve ate something we shouldn’t have. (Read between my lines here. *wink*) 17.20 Wholesale. $22.63 Retail.
Lemon – Lemon helps eliminate odors in the air. Add it to your evening moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Add to conditioner to smooth and shine look of your hair. The smell of Lemon in the air instantly brightens my mood – so fresh and revitalizing! $9 wholesale. $11.84 Retail.
Orange – Uplifting and used for emotional balance! Fill any room with a sense of peace, harmony and creativity. Put a drop of Orange on your toothpaste for natural whitening. I love using this one behind my ears and on my chest on an overwhelming day or right before bed. Also – Orange in the bedroom. Enough said. I can get you more info on that. 😉 $8.60 Wholesale. $11.32 Retail.
Grapefruit – Sweet and Invigorating. Promotes feelings of satisfaction, playfulness, and joy. Grapefruit improves skin texture and TONES skin. $13.40 Wholesale. $17.63 Retail.
Lemongrass – Relaxing aroma. Great in that post workout muscle rub with Peppermint. I add a drop to my wash cycle and on the dryer balls I toss in with laundry. Clothes smell so bright, fresh, and clean. $9 Wholesale. $11.84 Retail.

Create your Retail Young Living account at tinyurl.com/dakotaburgess

and order any/all of these oils at the 20% off retail cost now until Thursday at midnight!

OR – If you’d like to get these oils at the Wholesale Cost and continue to receive 24% off *ALL* future orders, create a Wholesale Account and purchase a Basic Starter Kit with a bottle of Stress Away for $45 and you will receive the Wholesale Cost on ALL products forever!

20 off
I hope you *love* trying out these oils as much as my family adores them! They’re a game changer. Who doesn’t want to feel rested when they get up in the mornings? At the very least, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Lavender. You can thank me later. 😉

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