Then life happened.

Life is crazy. I haven’t even looked at a blog post in over a week. I feel like a failure! I had big plans for the blog over the last 14 days, but then life happened.

There wasn’t a set winner(s) of the 100 Followers Game for blog features, so I’m going to put that on hold for a bit! Totally have just been overcome with a ton of stuff lately that I need to put my focus elsewhere.

We were blessed to be able to pick up and take the boys to Sandusky to experience Cedar Point for the first time a few days ago. It was amazing, I’d never been and the boys are already asking if we can plan our trip for next summer! But laundry has piled up. Apparently I can’t empty that laundry basket if my life depended on it. The house didn’t side itself when we were gone. I mopped the downstairs floors for the first time since the remodel started and it took me half the dang day. Pre-school orientation. School registration. A random date night (because when you’re brother texts and tells your husband he can baby-sit, you say YES!). Dry wall. Cleaning up after the dry wall. The one time I tried to turn on the computer and get work done the power went out. Getting Young Living Welcome packets in the mail to new members. Keeping the tiny tyrants alive and thriving.

Time consuming and exhausting. Especially the last part. (Haha.) And I can’t keep up with the blog right now. EEEEK. But I’ll be back! I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day!

Until next time.



5 thoughts on “Then life happened.

  1. Hi There! I feel exactly the same way! I’ve just restarted back at work full time, and we have so much going on that I feel I don’t have much time for my blog! Or interacting with my fellow blogger friends. But we all know each other, being a mum is hard work, so we will wait until life has settle down for you! Oh and the house chores are always never ending! I think I need to mop my floors too… Haha Xx

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