Happy Friday!

OOOOOO, the last day of June and it’s Fri-yay! I’m super excited for what July is holding for me, I can feel some abundance and major changes coming! To celebrate and share that abundance, the first *three* people that decide today is the day they’re ready to grab their Premium Starter Kit and promote wellness in their life will get a $25 credit applied to their Young Living account.

So, what comes in this Starter Kit?

  • A diffuser – Diffusers disperse essential oils into the air we breathe and are a wonderful way to benefit from the oils.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Highly versatile essential oil. Most commonly known for it’s relaxing/calming aroma for bedtime routines. Also fabulous for promoting healthy skin.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil – Another HIGHLY versatile essential oil. You can literally use Frankincense for just about anything. “When in doubt, pull Frank out.” Most commonly known in many cultures for Spiritual Grounding. And also another great skin oil.
  • Panaway Essential Oil – For aches, pains, and tension.
  • Peppermint Vitality – Digestive system support.
  • Digize Vitality – “Big Guns” of digestive system support.
    • Side note: Did you know our digestive system works hand in hand with out emotional health? 90%+ of our body’s serotonin levels live in our gut! Which means when our digestive systems aren’t working to their fullest potential (most people only have 30-40% use of their digestive systems), our emotional health is out of whack! Peppermint Vitality and Digize Vitality are important oils to have around. Trust me.
  • Purification – Not only does Purification smell amazing, it helps to freshen the air and eliminate odors! This one is wonderful in the diffuser in the kitchen, bathroom, next to where your pet sleeps, etc.
  • Lemon Vitality – Not only does Lemon smell amazing, it tastes so bright and fresh! Add it to your favorite desserts, marinades, dressings, etc for a citrusy flavor that packs a punch!
  • Copaiba Vitality: Copaiba is great for oral health, and also promotes overall wellness. High levels of beta-caryophyllene. I highly suggest you google beta-caryophyllene.
  • RC – Apply before exercise to promote a stimulating, aromatic experience. Use during those winter months in the diffuser. I combine with carrier oil and apply to our backs, chests, and bottoms of feet when my oldest son brings home a not-so-welcomed “friend” from school.
  • Thieves Vitality – Promotes overall health including Immune System Health and Respiratory Health.
  • Stress Away – Emotional Support! Scents and essential oils can have a big impact on the emotional centers of the brain! Stress Away has an incredible, relaxing aroma designed to help put common, everyday stressors out of mind!

Why Young Living?

So glad you asked. Young Living has a patented Seed to Seal guarantee. That means there are no chemicals or toxins used on the plants ever and no chemicals or toxins used in the distillation process to damage the essential oils ever. Young Living utilizes in house testing and 3rd party testing to ensure no discrepancies are looked over. To put this into perspective for you, think about this: Young Living turned away a large shipment of Peppermint Oil the beginning of June due to having trace amounts of mercury in it. That Peppermint Oil was sold to another company within 24 hours. Do you think that company is going to tell it’s customers their peppermint oil has mercury in it? I highly doubt it. In order to see consistent results and not risk an impurity in your essential oil, you *need* the purest essential oils on the planet. Check out seedtoseal.com for more information!

Young Living Essential Oils are safe to use on children, pets, the elderly and YOU! And the best part!? It’s relatively inexpensive to get started. The retail value of the kit is over $320. But Young Living is *so* passionate about people finding wellness in their everyday lives, they offer it for $160! AND, be one of the first three to get their kit *today* and I’ll apply a $25 credit to your Young Living account! $135 for a Premium Starter Kit? Yes, please!

So, why oils? Why get a Premium Starter Kit?

Young Living Essential Oils work. These oils have completely changed my life. My family is seeing so many benefits in such a short period of time. Our bodies were created for wellness. And you, too, can live a life of wellness with the proper tools in your hands! Many of the chemicals that are found in our everyday, mainstream products have been linked to hormone disruptions, endocrine disruptions, reproductive disruptions, and even cancer. Have you ever thought about that? Many toxic chemicals that have been banned in other parts of the world are still commonly used in thousands of common household products in the United States. Less than a quarter of the chemicals used in commercial products have been subjected to a full safety investigation (including products marketed for use with children). Are you inspired to become the gatekeeper of your household yet?

  • Click here!
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose your kit. (I highly recommend the Dewdrop Diffuser Kit!)
  • Click Next & then Continue Enrollment.
  • Enter your Billing and Shipping info.
  • Activate Enrollment.

Boom. Done. You don’t even have to message me to get your kit! But if you have any questions, please ask them!! (Just remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m a wife and mom. I’m enthusiastic about these oils and Young Living’s products, but I can’t diagnose, treat or cure.) I’ve found *amazing* wellness for myself and my family with this Premium Starter Kit. But if you decide it’s not for you after chatting with me, that’s OKAY! I’m not going to pester or solicit you. It’s not how I roll.

But I will ask you this: what’s stopping you from living a chemical-free life? What’s stopping you from making the changes to your lifestyle to live with wellness? And if you’re curious about living with purpose and abundance, too. Click here.

Happy Friday, friends!



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