Are you fulfilled?

Are you fulfilled? When you wake up in the morning, do you breathe a breath of fresh air, or do you dread rolling out of bed for the things that are waiting for you?

There’s so much we miss out on because we’re consumed with things that don’t fulfill us. As humans, we have a tendency to build walls for ourselves and we don’t even realize we do it. “I can’t do that, what would my family think?” “I can’t apply for that job, I’m no where near qualified.” “Who am I to think I deserve to make an income that provides me with all things I need and more?” “I can’t run my own business, I don’t know enough.”

Our thoughts dictate so much of what we allow ourselves to do. When we view the glass as half empty, we aren’t fulfilled. We’re negative. Nothing is quite right. We are trudging through our days with no end in sight. We’re praying that some good just come our way.

But here’s the thing, if you don’t believe good is coming, it won’t. You won’t see the opportunity as something wonderful. You won’t see that this might be the very thing that you’ve been asking for. You’ll pass it by.

So reflect on this for a moment: Have you found your purpose? Are you living the life you always dreamed you’d live? Are you fulfilled?

Find your purpose.

What does finding your purpose mean to you? Maybe it’s being at every ball game for your kids. Maybe it’s waking up and looking forward to the day ahead. Maybe it’s inspiring someone to be better. Maybe it’s going back to college to get that degree you’ve always wanted. Maybe it’s finding wellness for your family. Maybe it’s helping others not feel so helpless and stuck. Maybe it’s bringing in an income where you don’t have to worry about how bills get paid. Maybe it’s quitting your full time job and working from home. Maybe it’s being a stay-at-home-mom. Maybe it’s being a work-at-home-mom. Maybe it’s providing a life for your kids that you want them to remember.

Listen to your heart. What desires linger in there? Your desires are there for a reason. Have you ever thought about that? Why you long for the things you do? It’s not a coincidence. You were put on Earth to fulfill a life of purpose and abundance. Nobody wants you to fail, the universe is not against you even though it may seem it at times.

We believe what others tell us. We feed into the negative around us. It’s really easy to go with the flow of things and really not so easy to go against the grain and be different. Think different. Act different. Do different. When something crappy happens, pause, and be grateful it wasn’t worse.

So, are you going to act on your desires? Or are you going to push them aside because you’re afraid of what waits for you on the other side? Challenge yourself. Reach deep. Is the season of life you’re in where you’re supposed to be? Don’t get me wrong, there will always be seasons of awesome happenings and seasons of doubt. There will be days that pushing the giant snow ball up the steep hill doesn’t feel worth it. It’s how we push through that doubt that matters. Are you going to let negative influences around you determine your destiny?

Where fulfilled purpose is, abundance follows. Abundance in happiness. Abundance in time. Abundance in freedom. Abundance in self worth. And if finding your purpose means financial freedom, then abundance in money. (Does that make you uncomfortable? It shouldn’t. You deserve all your heart desires.)

You deserve abundance. YOU. Are you ready to move your feet and do what it takes to get there? Re-wire your brain. Tell yourself you’re worth it.

YOU ARE WORTHY OF ABUNDANCE. Isn’t that exciting!? Think about how fulfilling life will be when you find your purpose and you feel that abundance.

Find your purpose. Invest in yourself. Don’t give up when the journey gets hard. (It’s going to get hard. You have to make the conscious decision to persevere.) Don’t settle for less than your heart desires. You owe it to yourself. And guess what? You’re worth it.



Purpose. Wellness. Abundance.


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