Personal Growth

When I originally joined Young Living 5 months ago, I had NO idea the personal journey I was heading on. I’ve gone from a girl who admitted to her husband she was ready to end her time on Earth to a girl who’s helping others find purpose and wellness in their lives.

If 5 months ago, you would have told me I’d be where I am today, I would have rolled my eyes at you and told you to go back to the funny farm. I didn’t think it was possible to overcome such sad and overwhelming fear. So much fear, y’all.

I never dreamed I’d even be content with life again. Saturday was my husband’s and my 6th wedding anniversary! He took me out for chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing to dip and as much Yuengling as I could drink. (That man knows the way to my heart.) Anyway, over dinner he told me 6 months ago he didn’t think we’d ever have the opportunity to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, and he’s so so thankful I found Young Living Essential Oils when I did.

That, friends, made my heart sing. This change isn’t just something I’m making myself believe. It’s for real. It’s happening.

And it gets better.

My Diamond leader sees enough potential in me, that she chose me (my mama and another teammate, too!) to participate in her Summer School program!! Hollaaaa! Out of 600+ potential entries, I’m one of the lucky 50 to have been picked! (I know that all 600 members probably didn’t apply, but still.)

This Summer School is focusing on further personal growth. We’re changing our mindsets from “poverty” mindsets to mindsets of abundance! We’re reading the books “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker and “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.

I’ve already started “You are a Badass at Making Money”. Holy crap, y’all. My mind is blown. I had no idea the walls I’d built for myself over the years. My goal is to blog after each assignment so I can share this journey and come back and see my progress when we’re finished!

And I’m already being pushed out of my comfort zone before Summer School has even started. I have to teach 12 classes between June 26-August 5th. AHHHH! SO, if you would be kind enough to let me talk with you (bonus- and your friends!) about essential oils, what an asset they can be in our daily lives, and how absolutely wonderful Young Living’s products are, I would be SO grateful! And as a token of my appreciation, you’ll be entered to WIN one of Young Living’s best selling diffusers: the Dewdrop Diffuser! It even comes with a bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil and a bottle of Tangerine Essential Oil! Here’s mine in action! I love my Dewdrop Diffuser! And Peppermint and Tangerine Oils smell soooo good!


I am SO ready for this new season in my life. Personal Growth. Abundance. Fulfilling my purpose. It’s tangible. It’s sitting right in front of me. I’m ready to move my feet and grow by leaps and bounds I didn’t know were possible for me.

Here’s to Summer School!



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