Sunday “Serenity”

We’re mid-remodel now. We’re living back in our home, thank goodness! But there’s just so. much. stuff. that needs done. This morning we decided to tackle the ceiling over the kitchen. When we designed the upstairs, the original plan was to create a closet over the kitchen and take the kitchen ceilings down to 8 ft. (The kitchen had a cathedral ceiling before. It was the original selling point of the house for Ben. He loved it.) During construction, Ben decided he couldn’t live without the open, high ceiling feel in the kitchen, so we created an overlook instead.

Super pretty. Super exciting. Love it. Except I was the volunteer for helping him get that drywall hung this morning because we need to get our insulation guy lined up and everyone is busy. It’s Father’s Day. It’s the weekend. It’s summer. Everybody else is just as busy as we are.

So, I said “there’s no reason why I can’t help you. It’s not that high up.”

Ben set up the scaffolding in the kitchen and ran four 2×10’s across as our pick board for standing on while I ate my breakfast. As he was wiggling the boards to scoot them across the ledge, I heard this gigantic boom. My heart dropped. Eff man, now he’s gonna hurt himself. Just great. I heard him chuckle and say geesh, that was close. And, naturally, my very next thought was NOT MY DIFFUSER! Thankfully, that survived the crash, too.

I didn’t want to get on those dang boards to begin with, now I’m committed, and now my inner little prince is telling me to run for the hills and never look back. I climbed over the temporary railing we have in place, found my balance, and slowly crawled to the edge to where my husband was so patiently waiting for me to get a screw into the drywall he was holding over his head. …..I couldn’t get the screw to go in. I kept missing the rafters. So we shuffled around, slowly, and I was able to hold my share of the drywall so he could get some screws in.

Getting off those boards was…fun. I had a hard time drowning out the voice of the little prince that lives inside me and pushing forward to just get to the darn edge and jump over the railing. (I’m doing Summer School with my Diamond Leader this Summer. We’re working on personal growth and reading You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. She talks about this little prince. Mine has controlled my life for far too long. Really excited for this journey! Be on the lookout for that blog post coming soon!)

Upon getting two feet firmly planted on the ground again, I raced downstairs with wobbly legs to get my Valor. Thanking God for this oil today. Holy crap. I re-centered myself and got back on those boards too many more times to try to help him. I think I was more hinder than help. Ben only had to yell at me once. But quickly realized I was doing my best to get my thoughts gathered long enough to just sit down. Hah. He apologized after that sheet of drywall went up.


In between sheets, I was running downstairs to check on the boys. (Remind me again why I thought a 2nd story addition was a good idea? Just kidding. But- stairs.) B was yelling that T got a hold of my diffuser and dumped the water and oils that were in it. Why the diffuser!? Just leave it alone! GAH! So I cleaned up that water mess, grabbed the diffuser and my oils and ran them upstairs where T couldn’t reach them. Checked on Ben quick, he wasn’t quite ready for my help again, ran down to see what E was doing and T had dumped 2/3 of a giant bottle of carrier oil I was using to make my supplements this morning. He was literally swimming in it. The positive? That area of the floor is nice and shiny. And it wasn’t an overly expensive carrier oil.

Ben fired me the last few pieces he hung. He was able to hold them up and get enough screws in them without my help. I might have sang some praises. Until on the very last piece, he screwed his finger and not the drywall. I don’t think we’ve done a job yet on the house that hasn’t required a drop of oil and a bandaid.

It gets better, though! He got all the drywall up and…the breaker for the stove keeps getting flipped. What. In. The World!!?

Oh, wait. Crisis adverted! He just came to tell me he got it figured out! After learning the hard way that the switch and outlet there ran on two different breakers. Ouch. Poor guy. It’s not even 2 o’clock yet and he’s sporting a bandaid on his finger and got shocked by the outlet. I think he’s gonna call it Beer-Thirty soon.

Ben’s been such a rock for me during this reno. Tearing your biggest investment into pieces is…hard! I never dreamed how emotionally difficult this was going to be!

But then I get the blips of how really awesome it is and how blessed we really are. I got to pick out tile for the upstairs bathroom the other night. I was able to choose one I LOVE and not choose one based on price. That feels amazing.

Big things are coming for us in the next year. I can feel it. Between the house, summer school, and these crazy, wonderful boys we’ve created together, we’re destined for abundance. I can feel it.

And there’s no better feeling than feeling like you’re fulfilling your purpose in this life.

I hope you all have a wonderful end to your weekend celebrating Father’s Day!



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