When you’re a boy mom.

I’m a boy mom. In all my life I never would have dreamed I’d be a boy mom. Growing up, I assumed I’d be surround by girls. It was primarily my two sisters and me, so girls were all I knew. But I would not for one minute change my status as a boy mom. It surpasses everything I ever imagined it could be. Dirt, bugs, worms, mud. It’s glorious. This past weekend we got some pretty awesome Spring weather, and I was reminded of how grand this life is. And just how much I’ve learned to appreciate and be thankful for.

Mud. I’m never going to have a pretty back yard. And I’m okay with that. Our backyard tends to be a bit damp as it is, but with all the snow recently melting it’s a swamp. So what does my six-year-old do? Grabs his four-wheeler and goes mudding. I have a muddy race track in my back yard now. I LOVE it. It brings so much joy to my heart to watch him go ripping through the mud.


Puddles. My two-year-old found some pretty awesome puddles to do some puddle jumping in. He was over the moon. He would have splashed in those puddles all day long. It’s the little things that make my heart smile.


Worms and bugs. We had to dig up our front yard (ha, I’m never going to have a pretty front yard, either.) to fix a broken connector in our drainage tile. And what do these boys, namely the six-year-old, do? Digs out worms to throw at me. Being the seasoned boy mom I am, I dug around and found the biggest, fattest worms I could to throw back at him. That’s definitely not something I EVER dreamed I would be doing as a mom, but hey, you wear the hats life gives you. And yesterday, it was Worm Thrower.

Photography. With the weather being so beautiful, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to get out the camera and go snap some photos! My niece sits so nice, cheese’s, smiles, looks at me. The boys? Well, this is the best I got of the boys. The youngest mean mugs me on the regular. He was so mad at me for getting out the camera. The middle boy never sits still for more than .2 seconds, and I’m just not advanced enough in my photography skills to catch him. And the oldest wouldn’t take off his helmet. But I love how imperfect the photos are. I love that these pictures show their real personalities; who they really are.


We joke that the boys smell like dirt and worms during the warm months when most of our time is spent outside and we often run out of time to bathe them before they crash for the night. My sister thinks I’m crazy. She has girls. People always ask me if having my niece, soon to be nieces!, around makes me want a girl. Truth be told, the answer is no. Would we be blessed to add a daughter to our family? Absolutely! Is my heart yearning for a daughter? No. Does that make me a bad mom? Maybe.

PS- I know a girl could and would fit right into our messy life, but it hurts my heart when people discount the awesomeness my boys bring. I am not sad or disappointed that I have three boys. Not even a tiny bit. Lord willing, we’ll have more children. But I would be alright with holding my boy mom title, forever.

I never imagined I’d have a home that was rarely clean, a racetrack in my backyard, or kids that don’t have structured play time and that throw dirt and sand and worms and mud at each other. And me. Especially didn’t think I’d have that stuff thrown at me. But I do have that. And then some. And it is exactly where I am supposed to be. In this messy, dirty, smelly, super unstructured life. And for that, I am immeasurably thankful.




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