Curious about Essential Oils?


Prior to finding Young Living Essential Oils, I was dealing with a really dark time in my life. I had everything I had ever prayed for plus some, and I wanted nothing to do with it. There are some things you’re just never told about motherhood, and I thought I was a broken record that didn’t deserve to breathe the same air my children and husband did. You can read more about that here!

I found Young Living Essential Oils at the end of January 2017. I had been invited to a Facebook Essential Oils 101 Class by a friend, and I declined the invite. But I was so desperate to change the course my life had taken, I went back into the event and looked over the posts. I was blown away. I reached out to the woman teaching the class and what she told me, I clung to. I believed her when she told me these oils changed her life. I believed her when she told me wellness was so easy for her to incorporate into her lifestyle. So, I took a leap of faith and ordered my Premium Starter Kit. About a week after I received my kit, I realized I wasn’t living in the dark anymore. I was actually feeling the sunshine on my back and I was recognizing the woman I saw in the mirror.

YOU GUYS. I got my life back. These oils have given me hope that the future is bright and I have to tell others about it. And THAT is why I share my past and my love for Young Living Essential Oils. If my journey to finding this amazing company can change the course of one person’s life, I’m so in. Each and every one of you is so deserving of purpose, wellness and abundance. Young Living can give that to you! If I can do it, I KNOW you can. And I am going to be your biggest supporter along the way!

You know when you’re really really excited about something and can’t wait to tell someone about it? That’s how I feel about Young Living Essential Oils.


What are essential oils? Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquid that is extracted from flowers, seeds, rinds, bushes, shrubs, trees, and roots. When these liquids are super-concentrated, they become essential oils! Using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is a wonderful way to take advantage of the fact that plants have been adapting to their environments for thousands of years. In fact, Baby Jesus was gifted Frankincense and Myrrh at his birth!

Where can I use essential oils? Everywhere. Seriously. You can use them to support our body systems, emotional support, personal care, cleaning products, and even as nutritional supplements! (Young Living has a Vitality Line of essential oils that are FDA approved for internal consumption!)

How can I use essential oils? Young Living’s Essential Oils can be used 3 different ways: Aromatically, Topically, and Internally. Using a diffuser to benefit from the oils aromatically is my favorite (and easiest) way!


Why would I want to use essential oils? Because they’re AWESOME! When essential oils are used properly, they have so many wellness benefits! These benefits include mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual grounding, respiratory support, skin health, immune system support, and so much more! Essential oils give us the opportunity to remove toxic chemicals from our homes simply and affordably!


Did you know? The average woman applies over 300 chemicals to her body each and every day. 80 of those usually before breakfast. Yikes! Young Living’s essential oil infused products are a wonderful alternative to these chemical-laden products that fill our cupboards!


So, why Young Living? I’m so glad you asked! Young Living has a Seed to Seal patented process that ensures us the essential oils we get in the bottles we purchase are 100% pure. Unfortunately, all essential oils aren’t created equal, so it is SO important to know where your oils are coming from! PLUS, Young Living has an open door policy. Join my team and we can stroll a lavender field together at Convention next year!


What options do I have for purchasing? Young Living has two types of accounts: wholesale accounts and retail accounts. Wholesale accounts have a lot of really awesome benefits including:

  • Purchase your Premium Starter Kit and get 11 oils and a diffuser at a 50% discount. (It’s the only thing you’ll find on Young Living’s website that’s half off. And it’s worth every penny. Holla!)
  • 24% discount on all future orders
  • Essential Rewards Program
  • Ability to get your money back that you invested in your starter kit
  • Ability to create an income for your family!

Retail accounts purchase the oils at retail. No discounts. No ability to make your money back on the oils you puchase. No ability to create residual income for your family.

How do I get my hands on these incredible essential oils you speak of? It’s easy!

  • Create your account at
  • Choose Wholesale or Retail Account (Choose Wholesale. It’s SO worth it!)
  • Click continue
  • Choose your Kit! (I recommend the Dewdrop Diffuser Kit!)
  • Click Next & then Continue Enrollment
  • Enter your Billing and Shipping info
  • Confirm Enrollment


What’s the catch? Nothing! Seriously. You NEVER have to promote Young Living if you choose not to! Purchase your kit and use the oils exclusively for yourself if that’s what you want! The ONLY requirement for keeping your wholesale account active is 50PV (usually equivalent to $50) in purchases in a 12 month span. That’s like replacing 2-3 of the oils from your starter kit.


Can I really make my money back from purchasing my kit? YES! Love your oils, share your love with four friends, FOUR, and you can get a $200 thank-you check from Young Living! All you have to give them is your member number you are assigned when you purchase your kit, and they can get their kit, too! (But there is totally a ton of abundance to be shared with Young Living if you want to create a business. Check out the Income Disclosure Statement for 2016. For real though, check out Silver’s average yearly income. $26,724. If I told you I could help you get all the resources you need to reach Silver in a timely fashion, what would stop you?) Helping you get your kit paid for is the least I can do! Let’s get your kit on it’s way to you and get you reimbursed for it!


You referenced Essential Rewards above in the wholesale membership benefits, care to elaborate? OF COURSE! Essential Rewards is an exclusive benefit to wholesale members. It’s a monthly auto-ship program that you can customize each month. You choose the date it ships and you choose what you get in your order each month. You earn a percentage back in money to spend however you choose, you get discounted shipping, and you can earn FREE oils and other Young Living products! (Who doesn’t love FREE oils!?) Essential Rewards is NOT a requirement, though! It’s completely optional. You can enroll at any time and cancel at any time. Zero strings attached.


Speaking of…here’s January’s promos! These might be my favorite promo’s yet!


Do I get any support after purchasing my Premium Starter Kit or am I on my own? I am here to support you along your oily journey, and I will be so blessed to have you on my oily journey with me! You will have access to a few super supportive Facebook groups, one with over 3,000 members! And you will have direct access to me for any questions and concerns you have along the way.

Friends, it’s really that easy. And it’s so worth it. Begin your enrollment process here to get your Young Living Essential Oils on their way to your home!

Need some more information before ordering? NO PROBLEM! Find me on Facebook at Essential Living with Dakota OR send me an email at

I can’t wait to see how Young Living Essential Oils bless your family. Here’s to a life of purpose, wellness and abundance!



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